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As we are coming to the end of this very unusual year, let’s summarize the latest beachwear trends. You can use this as a guide for the upcoming holidays if you are traveling or going for a staycation. From tie-dye prints to classic high-waist pieces, this year passed in a very stylish manner!

The reborn Tie-Die designs have come back to the shopfronts. The bright variety of colors gives an impression of a deeper tan. The festive swimsuits come in various shapes in forms: lace-ups, one-shoulder sets, bandeau and ratched tops. The best part is that this trend can be easily created at home, which is an easy and creative DIY activity!

The newest trend of this year are the Floss Bikinis. It is a slender “floss” wrapping around the waist, championed by models throughout the year. It is defined by a minimalist, elegant, and somewhat provocative look.

Another hit of the season, created by an experimentation by designers – Halterneck Swimsuit. It is a new cross-over collar style design. In fact, some of such swimsuits can be worn as very unique tops for an evening outing by the beach. From one color to table-top patterned fabric, this look will take you back to the 60’s as you show it off at the beach.

One of our favorites this year is the One-Shoulder Swimsuit dating back to the 80’s. Left or right, thick or skinny, straight or twisted the one shoulder design can take any creative form. From embellished to palm prints, you can wear this swimsuit for any occasion happening by the beach.

Last but not least, classy and sassy are the high-waisted bikini bottoms. Irreplaceable and stylish, the bottoms highlight your curves and bring the 70’s vibes. It ranges from high-legs, Miami knickers, belted shorts, and Brazilian briefs. Whether you want to look like a sexy housewife or a top model, this range of designs will do it for you. We know that for many this year’s vacations have been postponed, but we hope that in the coming year you will be able to show off your designer looks and pose for your next Instagram post.

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