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How to select the universal swimwear?

Well, with the variety of models and designs, brands and local producers, fashionistas can be confused in the selection of best and universal swimwear design?

It should be:

  • Comfortable to wear;
  • Up-to-date design;
  • Sexy, but not vulgar;
  • Fit and not loose;
  • Classy but not old

And as we all have small black dress that fits to all occasions, Seasalt UAE team highly recommends to have one black swimsuit with a touch of femininity.

Swimsuit trends come and go, but the Little Black Swimsuit  is a timeless summertime essential.

Whether you prefer a classic, scoop-back style or one that’s more stylized—with a one-shoulder strap, a stomach cutout, a high neck, or a plunging neckline—there’s will be always an option for you,

Trends are following:

  1. High cut;
  2. High top neck;
  3. Underwire tops;
  4. Bells and hoops

Make your beachwear stylish, but remain classy.

Use the fashion tips below to conquer UAE beach Fashion

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